Founded by Daryl Wilkinson, one of the most influential leaders in European digital innovation, DWC is a new specialist digital consultancy and software development company offering strategic advice, innovation and leadership expertise to financial and retail organisations. Where we differ from others, besides our collective experience, is in our ability to collect and absorb information from multiple sources – from research papers to blogs, and from business engagements to social gatherings – and to find the links, join the dots, and form ingenious solutions to help companies deliver fantastic experiences.


  • Research 
  • Digital Consultancy
  • Brand Communication
  • Social Strategy
  • Digital Solutions
  • Technical Innovation
  • Software Development
  • Apps, APIs, Data and IoT 
  • Business Change
  • Interim and Advisory
  • Thought Leadership
  • Mentoring


Retail Banking Innovation and The Art of The Future

"As retail banks continue to jostle for position in the digital transformation race, I’ve found myself considering what innovation within banking really means and who is going to get it right." - James Tayor, The Fintech Network.